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Develop Empathy and Save The World

LOVE this article. Will write something on empathy soon. My clinical and personal belief about empathy is that it will ultimately move mankind forward into a world of peace. However, empathy continues to be in short supply and needs to be further developed in many of us. Read below and look for future article from me.

Empathy article

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U.S. Has Highest Bipolar Rate

Read the article below to find out about a new study examining bipolar disorder in 11 different countries and speculation as to why the US comes out on top.

Bipolar Study

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Dr. Leahy article on understanding the Manic Mind

Dr. Leahy wrote an interesting article on understanding the Manic Mind. Given all the hype around Charlie Sheen lately, doctors have been speculating whether or not he has bipolar disorder and if he is currently in a manic episode. The manic mind is an interesting and complicated labyrinth, a buzzing beehive full of activity. Read more below for some good information.

Dr. Leahy Article

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New Article – Dr. Leahy: Surviving Unemployment

Obviously this is an important issue at this time in our history. The most important steps you can take when going through something difficult is the ability to maintain functional thinking skills. Read Dr. Leahy’s article to find out more about keeping your head after losing your job.

Surviving Unemployment: Keeping Your Head

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Rejuvenate: “Where being well is a state of mind and wellness is a state of being.”

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Psychiatrist or Psychologist

Many people do not have the slightest clue as to the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Being a psychologist, I thought that it’s important to understand the distinction so you can get the best help for what ails you.

Psychiatrist or Psychologist

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Foundations – 5 Tips to Create Safety


How does love develop in relationships? What causes love to grow and turn into something beautiful? Love is like the fruit of the tree. What all the other elements work together to create. 

One of the biggest fundamental elements in order for love to bloom is safety. How safe is your relationship? Couple after couple enter my office and tell me that they cannot “talk anymore. We need to work on our communication,” they declare. But what is communication without safety?

There are many kinds of safety in a relationship. Obviously there is physical safety, but some lesser known safety issues involve emotional safety, the ability to be vulnerable, validation of one’s thoughts and feelings without fear of criticism or rejection. If you are critical of your partner, frequently putting them down, avoid topics, shut down, walk away, act dismissive, or if you make fun of them, are sarcastic, rude, or call them names – you are not creating any sort of safety.

When I say fundamental, I mean that Safety is part of the foundation that allows love to grow. If there is no safety in your relationship it’s like building your house on quicksand. I can teach my couples proper ways of communicating – but as soon as Safety is challenged – then it’s back to square one. Safety is essential for any healthy relationship to develop.

Tips to create safety in your relationship:

1. Protect your relationship from other people: We are all attracted to other people – that is human nature. However, if you are flirtatious and have poor boundaries – you are not protecting the person you are committed to. You have become unsafe and love will not grow. Think of your relationship like a home with a fence around it. The fence is controlled by you and your partner. You both decide who to let in and who to keep out. If you are letting people into your relationship without consent of your partner you run the risk of violating their trust and you become unsafe.

2. Stop name calling and blaming: Take responsibility for what you think, how you feel, and what you do. You choose to make yourself feel whatever way you feel. If you’re angry by your partners behavior then you are choosing to be angry. Stop blaming them for something you are doing to yourself. Calling someone names is character assassination and gets you nowhere. Name calling is “power tripping” at it’s finest. Grow up.

3. Validate: respect the thoughts and feelings of your partner. You may not agree with your partner and you don’t have to. Give them the respect to hear them out and recognize that they need to be heard and believe that you care about what they have to say or how they feel. This leads a couple not only to safety but to the ability to be vulnerable as well. GUYS TAKE NOTICE!!! If you want more intimacy in your relationship start working on this one aspect of your relationship – VALIDATION and watch the intimacy grow. If intimacy is a problem you may not be a safe person in your partner’s eyes. Women do not want to be intimate with someone they do not feel safe with. This means someone who attempts to evoke guilt, someone who gets angry, calls names, is demanding, or forcefully tries to get them to be intimate.

4. Talk more often: Talk about how you feel and what you think. Communication is the life blood of your relationship. Couples who do not communicate well end up in my office or in divorce court. There are no right or wrong emotions – emotions just exist. There are functional and dysfunctional ways of thinking about things and the more a person talks the more they begin to see the flaws in their thinking – which corrects their emotions. The most important things you can give to your partner is your time and attention.

5. Commit to learning how to become a safe person for your spouse: no one is perfect. We all mess up here and there, but these mess ups should be the exception, not the rule. If you have children – they are watching!! You are their model when it comes to teaching them what relationships are all about. If you look at your life and realize that you have had one chaotic relationship after the next – stop blaming and take responsibility!! At least 50% of the problem is you. Commit to learning how to grow, be better at your relationships and how to build a solid foundation that will sustain a relationship for your lifetime.

Dr. Scott

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This week ONLY Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center is offering a “Jump Start” personal training special.  Purchase one, 60-minute personal training session at full price (original value $50.00) and receive an additional session FREE!!! Click the link below for more great personal training deals and packages.
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Rejuvenate CLOSED Wednesday Feb 2

Holy moly!! Snow, snow, and more snow!! The owners of Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center have decided that it is unsafe to drive and we will be CLOSED on Wednesday February 2, 2011.

Be safe out there!!

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Personal Trainer Open House Jan. 25

Make sure you call (816) 246-0111 to reserve your spot for the personal trainers to speak with you at the open house from 2pm to 5pm on Tuesday January 25th. They will be speaking to people in 30 minute increments. There will be discounts for those of you who sign up that day, package deals, and great group training rates!!

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5 Steps To A New You

There is a stigma in psychology. Psychologists are known as “shrinks” as in headshrinkers. I’ve always been confused by this. I understand the slang, but I’ve always thought of my job as opening a person’s mind to learning how to live a better life, as opposed to shrinking it. Learning how to live in new and better ways is not a difficult process and there’s no “headshrinking” involved. There are simple steps you can take to improve yourself and keep the momentum going.

1. Understand your identity. Who are you? Describe yourself to yourself. What type of words do you use? Understand that any negative or detrimental definition of who you are comes out in your emotions and behavior. For example, if you describe yourself as worthless you will feel worthless and behave in worthless ways. You control how you define yourself. Start by getting rid of, or changing negative definitions.

2. Stop Blaming. The events of your life are not your life. Stop defining yourself based on your past. You live today and at this very moment you have a choice. If you give yourself reasons why you cannot have a happy life and base these reasons on your past, then you are lying to yourself. You live in a lie and your future will be a lie. This only holds you back from truly living. Move on from your past by learning from it, taking what you need on your journey and dumping the rest.

3. Take Ownership. Own your life, right here and now. Own your thoughts, own your emotions, and own your behaviors. Stop defending yourself and be who you want to be. Too often we let others define us and we are forced to be a certain way in order to be loved by others. You are good enough just the way you are. Own your SELF and take your self where you want to be.

4. De-cide. In Latin De means to change from a previous state. Cisio means to cut-off. De-cide who you are going to be and become that person today. Cut off any possibility of thinking in dysfunctional or negative ways. Cut off your old habits that do nothing but hold you back. Cut out the thinking that you can’t or shouldn’t and move toward living your life authentically.

5. Love. There are people out there who believe that they are not good enough, not pretty enough, can’t do anything right. This is a lie – one you tell yourself. Stop lying to yourself and learn to love. Loving who you are means that you treat yourself just as well as you would treat the person in this world you love the most. When you say hurtful things to yourself – what are you expecting will happen? Saying hurtful things to yourself is hurtful and perpetuates your problems. Learn to speak to yourself in loving ways, encouraging and supporting ways. Be your best cheerleader. Give yourself a break, lend yourself a hand, a pat on the back. Love who you are and get rid of your dysfunctional behaviors.

Dr. Scott

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Open House To Meet New Personal Trainers

We are set to have an “open house” on Tuesday January 25th from 2pm to 5pm for everyone to get to meet our new personal trainers. Andrea and Mary will be available to answer questions, talk about how they train, and give a pretty good deal to those who are ready to get going on taking control in 2011. Call to RSVP: 816-246-0111

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New Personal Trainers Hired!!

Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center is happy to welcome personal trainers Mary Gruber and Andrea Scherer to the Rejuvenate Team!! We will soon be setting up times for those interested in personal training to come by and get to know them. Stay tuned!!

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New Personal Trainers To Be Hired

Hello Rejuvenate Fans,

The owners would like all of you to know that we will be starting 2 new personal trainers within the next 2 weeks at Rejuvenate. We look forward to continuing our personal training and helping all of you get on track with your fitness goals for 2011. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Placebos Work Even When Subjects Informed

This is an absolutely AMAZING study engineered by Harvard which concluded that PLACEBOS work for 59% of experimental participates versus 35% of controls – even when the participants are INFORMED they are taking a placebo!! Significant study for the power of the mind on the body.

Harvard Article

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Racing Against Time?

Seems very appropriate this time of year. Learning to be mindful about the moment and understanding your relationship with time can and will improve your ability to appreciate all that time has to offer to you.

Racing Against Time Article (Click Here)

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Meditation is not religious

So glad someone wrote this article. Been meaning to write an article about this very thing myself.


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Death By Sugar

Take a look at what a modest amount of sugar does to your blood and how this result contributes to obesity, fatigue, depression, muscle tension, etc.

Sugar Video

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Massage Stocking Stuffer!!

A massage Gift Certificate is the perfect stocking stuffer for someone you love!! A great way to get that holiday stress worked out of those stiff muscles. Call today to pick one up!! 816-246-0111 We can take your payment over the phone and have it mailed to you!!


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