Massage Therapy

Rejuvenate’s massage therapists focus on the important components of health maintenance and overall wellness, while striving to keep the body and mind functioning optimally. Our staff knows that the physical aspects of healing the body are just as important as the mental aspects. With this approach, the goal is to relieve the effects of stress, trigger the relaxation response, reduce anxiety levels, improve immune function, restore a calm mind and feeling of well being.

Types of Massage


Swedish Massage

Is a general systematic massage of the soft tissues to induce a state of deep relaxation. It works mainly on the muscles, ligaments, and tendons and it increases the body’s blood and lymphatic circulation. This is the most popular massage to relax body, mind, and spirit.

Deep Tissue Massage

Uses the application of force to compress tissues in order to reach the deeper layers of muscle, break adhesions, and treat muscle and tendon lesions.

Trigger Point Therapy (Neuromuscular Therapy)

Applies concentrated finger, thumb, or elbow pressure to trigger points, which are painful, irritated “knots” in muscles, to break the cycle of spasm and pain. By working key trigger points, the massage therapist is often able to relax an entire area.

Prenatal Massage

Massage and bodywork adapted to meet the needs of pregnant women and relieve some of the discomforts related to pregnancy. The mother either will be in a side-lying position or cradled in a pregnancy cushion.

Medical Massage

Is an integrative massage used to treat specific pathologies such as cervical neck pain, fibromyalgia, sports and joint injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and scar tissue mobilization, just to name a few.


Is a form of bodywork based on the theory of zone therapy, in which specific spots on the feet or hands are pressed to stimulate corresponding areas in other parts of the body.

Corporate Massage

Today’s work environment is highly competitive and with competition comes stress. Job stress can erode a business from the inside out causing employee dissatisfaction, time off, sickness, increased health insurance costs, turnover, and conflict.

Today’s forward thinking companies have recognized the importance of wellness in their work environment. Those companies that have taken the necessary steps toward managing job stress have been benefited by increased job performance, lowered absenteeism, improved job satisfaction, and overall healthier employees (which can cut down the cost of health insurance). At Rejuvenate we recognize the importance of creating balance in the workplace and offer an onsite wellness solution using chair massage.

Meghan Murphy

Meghan Murphy is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Body Worker from Omaha, Nebraska. In 2009, she graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, which she decided to put to use in conjunction with massage. She graduated from WellSpring School of Allied Health in Kansas City in 2010 and immediately began to pursue her passion for the healing arts.

Having received training in Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, esalen, prenatal, and sports massage, Meghan puts into practice each modality according to the individual needs of her clients.

Meghan’s mission is to bring relief and relaxation to clients while encouraging the benefits of overall wellness so they can achieve optimal health, mobility, and satisfaction. Her goal is for those seeking relief to walk away from their experience each time feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to continue on their journey to healthy and happy lifestyles.


Liz Harmon

Liz Harmon is a Missouri State Licensed Massage Therapist who graduated from Wellspring School of Allied Health in Kansas City, Missouri in 2011. She is a member of the American Massage Therapist Association and is a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician. Before Liz pursued her career in massage therapy she honorably served with the U.S. Army in Fort Gordon, Georgia for six years and one year as a military contractor in Afghanistan.

Liz has training in medical, sports, Swedish, deep tissue massage and integrates each modality with myofascial release techniques and energy work, based on the clients individual needs and wants. Liz also has knowledge of essential oils and believes in their therapeutic benefits. She uses only 100 percent therapeutic grade oils and can be requested by the client.

A firm believer in the holistic approach to healing the mind and body, Liz sees massage more than a luxury; it enhances and heals your life both mentally and physically, without the use of pharmaceuticals. Liz’s mission is to help clients feel comfortable and safe through therapeutic touch.


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