Posted by: rejuvenatembwc | November 10, 2010

Finding The Moments

I love my job. Yes – I said it – I Love My Job. Why do I love my job? Because it is absolutely amazing to me to watch a person grow week after week. Someone who was paralyzed by anxiety or depression in week one, smiling, laughing, and finding the joy in life at week 8 or 10 or 20.

Sometimes change is hard to see. I compare it to watching your hair grow. You don’t always see the change all at once, but if you look at a picture of yourself a month or two ago, you can see the difference. I see differences every day in people and it makes me love my job.

So when people tell me that people cannot change, I just quietly laugh – or outright disagree with them because I see change every single day I go to work.

If you are thinking of making a change in your life, but are not quite sure, do a cost / benefit analysis. Write out the change you would like to see in your life. List the costs to your life and the benefits of  NOT changing. Next list the costs and benefits of making the change. I am not a fan of insanity. It makes absolutely no sense to continue to do things that do not work. If you are contemplating a change – you are most likely recognizing that something needs to be different. Take the next step and start planning out what “different” looks like and what your first step will be. You may not see the change happening at first – but if you stay persistent and keep looking – a month or two from now you may see ZZ Top looking back at you in the mirror.  – Dr. Scott

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