Posted by: rejuvenatembwc | November 9, 2010

Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving has always been a one of my favorite holidays. It is a nationally recognized day to do one thing, give thanks. The United States is only 1 out of 5 countries in the world that observe a holiday to give thanks.

Holidays and Thanksgiving can be stressful, but they do not have to be. Mindfulness skills help a great deal to undo any type of stress you may be experiencing. The true nature of Thanksgiving has, at its core, the very essence of mindfulness. Learning to be thankful is powerful and something we all take for granted. We do not want to be in a position to be thankful for something after we have lost it. That leads to regret. I have heard MS patients tell me that they wish they could run, “Why didn’t I run when I had the chance, I would do anything to be able to run.”  Or, talk to a parent who has lost a child and they will tell you to “appreciate every moment.”

Be thankful. Sometimes that’s hard to do when we have television, cell phones, magazines and the internet constantly barraging ads at our consciousness to buy the bigger, better this or the more amazing that. Thanksgiving is not about gifts. There’s no Thanksgiving Turkey to magically come to our homes at night to leave us treats. Thanksgiving is and (hopefully) always will be about family, fellowship, community, and being mindful.

What are you thankful for? What do you appreciate? Does your personal thanksgiving feed your soul? Does it help you to live? Are you thankful for “things,” moments, time, health, beauty, wealth, love, connections, your breath? When you just s-t-o-p, pause, be still, LISTEN, so much can come to you in the way of peace. Appreciation, gratitude, generosity, and caring begin to grow. These are infectious and all around us, when you look for them. Your mind is constantly looking for certainty and it uses its focus to generate certainty. What you focus on is what you get. You focus on stress, you find stress, and you feel the effects of stress. You focus on gratitude, you find gratitude, and you feel the effects of gratitude. What feels better?

Struggling with being mindful? Consider your shirt. Yes, the one you have on right now. Play this game. Try to consider all of the people who were involved in providing you this shirt. Not just the person who sold it to you but the people who sewed and dyed the shirt, the people who made the fabric. The people who made the machines that helped put all of the elements in place to produce that shirt. Some of these people invented machines long ago and they are now deceased. Consider your shirt and be mindful of how truly connected we all are. Give thanks for the efforts of others to provide this shirt to you. Mindfulness is this understanding. Now, look at your life and consider all of the people involved in giving your life breath.

How can you make every day a day to give thanks?


  1. Bless you Rejuvenate! What a glorious description of an attitude of gratitude. On my daily commute to the city at 2 am, I have a golden opportunity to do exactly what you describe, and it truly begins my waking moments with incredible peace and joy. And then this filters into guiding me through potentially stressful times with a nudge into letting more thankful thoughts pervade my mind. Thus, by the end of the day – I have multitudes of blessings within my heart and I live in peace. Thank you for such timely reminders. Peace to you and yours today.

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