Posted by: rejuvenatembwc | May 14, 2010

Izie Update

Update on Izie per her cousin Sibyl: Same as yesterday. Due to location of her tumor (cerebellum), she is having problems balancing, eating, swallowing and she is still not speaking. Just whimpers and soft cries. They did a gag reflex test on her today and her feeding port was put in yesterday so, that will help get some weight on her. Her brain drain and incision marks have all healed very well. So the Dr’s plan is just to get weight on her, let her body rest and hope to see some more progress in her gag/swallowing and speech. They want to start chemo/radiation in 2 weeks. So she needs to put some weight on and gain her strength. The treatments will be tough on her little body. I try to call only once a day as my aunt and uncle’s cell minutes are limited. I am also trying to find a phone company to donate 2 new phones and some free service. One to keep with them at the hospital ad one to send to the kids back home to keep in touch.”

Please DONATE: 816-246-0111

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