Posted by: rejuvenatembwc | May 14, 2010

IZIE UPDATE: 5/14/10

UPDATE ON IZIE per cousin Sibyl: DONATE – 816-246-0111

Izie and my aunt Bobbie will be transferred to Madonna house today, I believe it is in Lincoln, NE. Izie will be in strong rehab for a week there and then sent back to Children’s Hospital in Omaha for her first round of chemo. They are being very aggressive with the chemo as the cancer has spread to her spine. Keep in mind Bobbie and Phil have been at the hospital since April 28th. Away from their home, their friends, their job and MOST importantly their children. And, it doesn’t sound like they will be home anytime soon. My goal is to raise a TON of money for expenses and also to find a VERY reliable minivan in the next week and a half. I know the minivan is a HUGE goal. I know we will make it happen though–we have to, they MUST have a reliable vehicle to get to and from chemo!!! God Speed!!!!

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