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New Blog Location

To all who read these blogs when posted…please go to our website to continue reading the Rejuvenate blog. ( We now have the blog integrated into the website and I will no longer be posting on this site.

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It’s A Wonder…Full Life

This is a difficult article to write and one that needs to be written. Don Harman showed us that depression has a face. Outwardly, it can look very much like Mr. Harman: happy, smiling, reassuring, authentic, jovial, and trusting. However, behind this mask is a broken individual who has a horrible illness. Depression twists and contorts the mind to the point that the person feels so horribly hopeless that the light at the end of the tunnel fades and then there is no light…lost. None of us know why Mr. Harman elected to leave this world by his own hands. As a professional, I know that this is not a decision that one arrives at easily. This is usually contemplated for years prior to the actual act. During that time depression insidiously consumes the person and there are usually signs, warnings, “red flags” that we need to be educated about.

Depression does not know status, wealth, success, defeats, love, happiness, relationships, kids, wife, job, or family, nor does it care. Suicide is not a selfish act to the person committing it. Many times the depressed mind has literally convinced the person that they are doing everyone a favor by killing themselves: “They’re better off without me. I’m a burden. No one should be around me like this. I’m tired of hurting everyone, disappointing everyone. I can’t live up to everyone’s expectations.”

Many times there are warning signs, sometimes there are not. The biggest warning sign is if a person is talking about a desire to die – pay attention. Hopelessness is probably the biggest factor associated with suicide, simply because the person has mentally determined that their future is not going to get better and therefore, they are going to suffer this way for the rest of their life. Other signs of depression include sadness, withdrawal, isolation, anhedonia (lack of the ability to experience pleasure), sleep problems, excessive fatigue, feelings of worthlessness. Dangerous signs that may lead to suicide could be: increase in risk taking behaviors or impulsivity, drug and alcohol use, making suicidal threats or gestures, making a plan to include giving away possessions, obtaining the means to kill themselves, “coded” talk – speaking about when they are gone.

For more information or for help call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-TALK ( You can also be assessed by a local psychologist or go inpatient at one of the numerous mental health facilities around Kansas City.

For some of us the only experience we have with suicide is from movies. Since it is getting close to Christmas you will see “It’s A Wonderful Life” on television somewhere. You will watch George Banks go through years of one defeat after another, slowly eating away at him, until he is standing on the bridge about to jump. Suddenly, Clarence shows up and spends the rest of the movie untangling George’s twisted, depressed mind until George finally understands how “rich” he truly is and, only then, can he clearly see what’s important in life.

I’m guessing that Mr. Harman was very much like George, unable to see how he affected the lives of those of us around him in such positive ways, how many people felt friendly toward him only to now feel the sense of loss and sadness. I’m wishing that Mr. Harman reached out for help. I’m wishing that Mr. Harman could have seen through the tangled web of lies depression weaves. I’m wishing that Mr. Harman could have recognized that it truly is a wonderful life. I’m wishing that Clarence would have shown up. Many blessings to Mr. Harman’s family and friends.


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What We Can Learn From Zombies

I love all things Halloween. I’ve been a horror movie fan since childhood. In the spirit of this great season I thought I would write about something we are all concerned about…zombies!

Metaphorically speaking zombies are everywhere. You can find zombies in just about any direction you look. Heck, you might even BE a zombie for all I know. Here’s some surefire ways you can tell if someone you know is a zombie. 1) They’ve recently hung around other people who “infected” them. 2) They have a complete inability to think for themselves – exclusively adopting a mob mentality. 3) They go after anyone who is not like them- constantly trying to make more zombies or destroy them in the process. 4) They are relentless – nothing stops them. 5) They work or live in packs of other zombies – all single minded – working together, but also not really caring about one another. 6) They cannot be reasoned with. All attempts to form relationships with them only end up in you gettin hurt. 7) They use you for what they want and move on to the next victim. 8) They are not interested in improving themselves. 9) You’ve seen them eating a lot of brains lately.

If this sounds like someone you know…run!! Don’t hesitate run away. If this is you there are ways to get free from the zombie curse, but it takes a lot of effort.

Like I said, zombies are everywhere. We see them in our political parties, packs of them at schools, at work, dysfunctional families, gangs, even in our church’s.

Just as much as there are ways to tell if others around you are zombies, there are also ways to be certain that you never turn into a zombie. Here are the secret antidotes to all of the zombie characteristics listed above. 1) You have to be sure to surround yourself with good people. Zombies infect you in a variety of ways. Make sure you stay around people who genuinely love and support you. Keep your distance from negative people who infect you with their judgements, their criticisms, and start to cause you to not feel uncomfortable being yourself. Be yourself ANYWAY!! 2) Think for yourself! Be aware of others who try to change your opinions, judge you as a bad person for having a different opinion, and expect you to think like them, or else! The best way to avoid becoming one of the undead is to think for yourself. Question, don’t settle, push forward, find, and question some more. 3) Don’t be judgemental to the point that you exclude others or want them to be like you. Variety is the spice of life and forming relationships with people is what keeps us all going. Having meaningful relationships are much more important than your opinions of others. 4) Take a hint. If someone is trying to set boundaries with you – they are doing it because it is what is best for them. Respect that. 5) We’ve all known people like this. Those who will say they are your friend or they care about you, but they talk badly about you, stab you in the back, and will cannibalize you if need be. Stay far away from these people. 6) Be reasonable. Know that when  you are dealing with other people in any capacity, it is best to be reasonable and understanding. 7) If you think you are being used…you probably are. Have enough self respect to move on from those who treat you poorly. Don’t stick around because you “think” they could be a better person. A zombie is a zombie. The only way a zombie will change is if they want to change. Nothing you can do will make them change. You can’t love “the zombie” out of them. 8) See  number 7 and know that zombies are not interested in improving theselves. They are who they are and proudly express this as if it were some badge of pride, when in reality, is very sad. Self improvement makes for a much more fulfilling life. Being dedicated to finding ways to improve your mentality will lead you to more awareness and enlightenment. Practicing this is the antidote to being a zombie. Last but not least, #9 – brain eating. If you see this happening turn around immediately, find the nearest exit, and run like you’ve got a bunch of zombies chasing you, because you probably do. Happy Halloween!!

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Helping decrease worry and perfectionism

Here’s an interesting little article that I thought sounded like a great lesson for restructuring your dysfunctional ideas about your relationship to yourself and others. Enjoy!!

10 Things To Stop Caring About Today

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Lees Summit Article on Expansion.

Tuesday, Aug. 23 2011 3:52PM

Rejuvenate to treat mind, body

By Rob Roberts,


Rob Roberts/The Journal

Dr. Joe Symes, right, is pictured with Adam Fellows, one of three psychologists that will join him and other wellness professionals at Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center in New Longview.


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In keeping with the trend toward treatment of mind and body under one roof, a Lee’s Summit chiropractor is joining forces with three local psychologists.

The new Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center at 400 S.W. Longview Blvd. also will offer a dietitian, massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga and other fitness classes.

Dr. Joe Symes opened Rejuvenate Chiropractic Center at the New Longview location almost four years ago but said he had long planned to create a wellness center with the psychologists at Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center.

The psychologists have been practicing at 3367 N.E. Ralph Powell Road for almost three years and are planning to merge with Symes’ practice in about two months, after expansion space is finished.

The psychologists are Scott Symes, Joe Symes’ brother; Adam Fellows; and Adam’s wife, Tiffany Fellows. Joe Symes said he, his brother and Adam Fellows grew up together in Nevada, Mo. In college the Symes brothers decided to take different health care routes, he said. But they always fully understood the mind-body connection in health that is now connecting their practices.

“Chronic long-term pain might not always be just the result of something like a hip being out of alignment,” Symes said.

Weight may also be an issue, he said. And stress and depression might be issues underlying weight gain or other health problems, Adam Fellows added.

According to Fellows, the psychologists at Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness use cognitive therapy to help patients understand the thought processes that may be sabotaging their health.

But in addition to treating health problems, Fellows added, the principals at Rejuvenate want to help people prevent them by staying fit.

Toward that end, they are tripling the size of the current chiropractic space to include a studio where yoga, pilates, kickboxing, other wellness classes and personal training will take place.

The partners are also thinking about adding some programs for children, like a kids yoga class, and an adult class that would combine outdoor walking and yoga.

Fellows said Lee’s Summit was an ideal location for a wellness center due to its highly educated, fitness-minded population. And Symes said New Longview was in a particularly active part of town, as evidenced by all the joggers and cyclists.

To enhance service to the community, Rejuvenate plans to launch a new website in October. A grand opening at the center will likely be held in early November.

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Actively Expanding!!!

We continue the process of trying to get all of our ducks in a row here at Rejuvenate!! We are waiting on city permits to start our build out and hopefully they will be finished 2 months from when they begin. As you can tell I haven’t been posting as much and it is because of all the work that needs to go into this expansion. Never fear. When we are finished and Rejuvenate is up and running – we are poised to take pole position in Eastern Jackson County as the best Wellness Center around!!

So far on the services list we have chiropractic, psychology, dietician, massage, and personal training. Classes will include various types of yoga, pilates, kickboxing, and boot camp.

Do you have some suggestions of services we should offer??

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Rejuvenate is looking for a Psychologist to join our team!!

Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center is currently seeking a doctoral level Clinical Psychologist who is fully licensed in the state of Missouri. Rejuvenate is a private practice located in Lee’s Summit, Mo with special emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy and health psychology. We serve the Lees Summit community and surrounding areas east of Kansas City, Mo. We are a holistic clinic that is significantly expanding to include a range of Mind-Body services.

Required Qualifications: We are seeking a high caliber, performance oriented, psychologist who practices with ethical integrity and who is willing to do all that is necessary for a private practice to grow and thrive. Reasonable independent practice (2+years) working as a fully licensed psychologist. Experience working in a private practice setting is desirable as well as a Cognitive Behavioral theoretical orientation. Demonstrated skill at building and maintaining collaborative relationships with clients and associates alike. Demonstrated leadership and teamwork skills necessary to develop and implement programs. Pay will be based on a fee split. Benefits: eligible to join group health insurance plan after probationary period.

Please submit Vitae with references to

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Little Steps to Freedom

A nice little article with some very simple steps to take to start freeing yourself from whatever bogs you down.

Simple Steps

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C’mon! Trust Me!

Trust. Respect. Two little words that have huge implication when it comes to relationships. It seems that I end up talking about these two words over and over again in my therapy sessions, particularly with couples. Everyone seems to understand what these two words mean, however, the meaning becomes lost when trying to apply them to behavior.

I teach my couples that Trust and Respect are the base for every healthy relationship, the foundation that allows love to grow. True love is the result of these two words being fulfilled in their most genuine and authentic form. I would postulate that true love does not exist without these two fundamental concepts.

Let’s focus on trust. So how do you repair your relationship when your partner breaks your trust? This is not difficult to remedy, however, it completely depends on who you are working with. Hint: Selfishness does not fit in the equation when trying to work out trust. Unfortunately, those who break our trust tend to be selfish. I continue to be amazed when I have a spouse who broke the trust of their companion by acting out in one of a variety of ways. When they hear from me that in order to rebuild trust they have to be completely transparent, they balk. They seem shocked that they would have to allow their partner to let them see their text messages, emails, how they are spending their money, or be responsible to them by letting them know where they are and what they are doing. They seem to assume that because they were caught that this was enough and that their partner should just “get over it.” This is when I politely have a discussion with them about living in a fantasy world and that they need to get back to reality if they want their relationship to work. I also remind them that they are not an island. Their commitment to their partner means that they are linked and what one does affects the other. If one is acting out inappropriately it would be absurd to believe that this “should” not bother their partner.

The second aspect of rebuilding trust is to fully take responsibility for inappropriate behavior. Period. Unselfish (emotionally intelligent) people do not blame, do not try to push the responsibility onto their partner, or try to make their partner out to be “crazy.” If the trust breaker truly cared about their partner they would do all that is necessary to remedy the problem. If they do not do all that is necessary, then chances are this is not “true love” but rather some perversion of something you think is love. Hint: no one “makes” anyone do anything. This is a form of mental abuse in order to evoke guilt and cause you to believe that you are “not good enough” when this is used by someone who supposedly cares about you. Someone who truly cared about you would come to you with their concerns, rather than act out to hurt you, or as a way to exact revenge, or “get even.”

Trust is something that can be repaired. Just like how trust develops, repairing trust takes time, effort, and commitment. Sometimes people who are trying to win back the trust of their partner will ask me how long they have to be transparent, how long will they have to reassure their partner?My answer is always the same. “You do it until.”


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Psychological Yoga (aka Cognitive Therapy)

According to this article there is new research about “psychological yoga.” Basically what this sounds like is exactly what cognitive therapy does along with mindfulness training.

We are working every day to help people move to a place of acceptance and to learn how to take control by not putting themselves in opposition to reality. Acceptance is powerful and is counterintuitive to anxiety and depression. Working to accept what is, as is, moves your mentality away from clinging, attachment, and suffering.

Read the below article to find out more!!

Psychological Yoga

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The Healing Doctor Patient Bond

Important information and research related to understanding the healing effects of the doctor/patient bond. Understanding the simplistic nature of this is one thing, understanding the underlying dynamics of how the mind influences the body is something else. The connections we have with one another and beliefs we have about one another can develop hope and growth or hopelessness and stagnation. Work to improve your interpersonal bonds in your life and lift each other up!

The Healing Doctor/Patient Bond

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Understanding How You Create Toxic Relationships

Reality is what you make it. Meaning it is all about perception and interpretation. The following article details a list of cognitive distortions that cause significant relationship problems due to your reality being distorted by your interpretations. Read on.

The 12 Worst Relationship Mindsets

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In Pain? Learn to Meditate.

Meditation is ancient and very powerful in focusing the mind’s effect on the body. Read on to learn how meditation is a very effective tool for desensitizing yourself to pain.

Meditation and Pain

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Ahh The Stubborness of Kids

This is some very good advice about a host of parental dilemmas. I know my wife and I stuggle in a couple of ares with our little ones. It’s good to continually be reminded of how much control you really do have and how to treat your little ones with the respect they deserve! Read on.

Stubborn Kiddos

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Call Rejuvenate Mind-Body Wellness Center today ONLY 4/18/11 and get $20 OFF any of our massage therapy services!! New or existing clients!! 816-246-0111

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Article – 7 habits to develop compassion

A very important topic in our time as we move together on our human journey. On the surface we are different, however, in looking deeper we are very much the same. Bring this commonality out and find the compassion that lives inside of you.

Practice Compassion

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Hiding Behind Our Masks

We all hide behind our “persona” the mask we put on to interact with others in our business meetings, out in social situations, etc. Most of us have the desire to have someone know our “true self.” Read the article below in order to see how to get past the persona and be more “real” with people.

Our Masks

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An Off Switch To Anxiety?

I know many of my anxious patients will find this fascinating. I know I do.

Learn more HERE


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Mindful Eating

Looking to get a handle on eating? Look to learn mindfulness skills to build your awareness and relationship with food. Read on to find out more…

Mindful Eating


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Self Compassion Article

This is something I talk very regularly to my clients about. We are very often our worst enemy and our harshest critic. Things we say to ourselves we would never say to anyone else, and we would be appalled by anyone talking to someone we love in this harsh way. Develop your self compassion and start treating yourself the way you would treat the person you love the most in this world.

Self Compassion article


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